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First Edition: August 31, 2002

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Portfolios vs. Themes
As Time Goes By...
Pre-2000 vs. 2000 and later
German CyberClub (ccde)
Romanian CyberClub (ccro)
Korean CyberClub
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Introduction     back to Index
Playboy's online site is really two sites:
A few series contain or focus on images from the free site. Most of the series focus on the subscription site. Following is a summary and comparison of the various series that I am aware of.

Portfolios vs. Themes     back to Index
Simply put, the Portfolios are the magazine cover image plus the pictures of the playmate centerfolds. There are multiple sizes of these images on the CyberClub site, but the CSV series generally only include the largest size of each.

Included are:
Large Covers (LCover)
an image of the magazine cover.
Large Headshot (LHead)
the headshot of the playmate, which usually appears on the first page of her magazine pictorial.
Large Portrait (LPort)
the individual pictures of the playmate. Some of these may not be in the published pictorial (in the magazine).
Big Centerfold (BCF)
the centerfold image for that playmate.
DataSheet Image (DS)
an image of the playmate, often a reduced-size version of another image in the pictorial, that appeared for a while in the online portfolios. (These were later discontinued and removed from the site.)
The Themes, even more simply put, are everything except the Portfolios. They are almost without exception unique sets of images not otherwise posted on the site, usually posted all at once. Each "Theme" consists of a number of images that have something in common, such as "Babes of the Beach" (or may be from a photo shoot of one model, or sisters, or some such). Some of the Themes, such as CyberGirl of the Month, are posted in multiple sets, in this case one set per week. The Daily Doubles are posted 2 images per day.

As Time Goes By...     back to Index
Every now and then, the good folks over at CyberClub decide they have a better way to organize the site. Or perhaps they get tired of the old layout. Or maybe they just get bored. In any case, there have been at least two major re-designs of the site layout, and who knows how many smaller ones. As a result, the layout of the site that is presented in a series may not be how the material currently exists on the CyberClub site. This really only applies to the Themes, since the Portfolio content is all organized by some combination of image type, decade and year.

Also, from time to time certain images are either removed or replaced. In some cases this is neccessary, as when an image is posted under the wrong playmate, or a duplicate image is posted, or the image posted is mirror-reversed, or the original image is corrupt. In other cases there is seemingly no real reason for the replacement or removal. In any case, these types of changes result in the "Extras" series that you will find below.

From Foyle's pre-2000 extras document:
The PCC_Extras are scans that either once were on the Cyber Club website and are there no more OR scans that have been attributed to that website. I don't pass any judgment one way or the other. The fact that I haven't been able to validate some of these Extras does not mean that they aren't legitimate. It was in the interest of fairness that I included some of these scans. PCC has made so many unannounced changes and screwed up so many times.
Pre-2000 vs. 2000 and later     back to Index
Coming up to the end of 1999, the Portfolio material on the CyberClub site was nearing a full CD. Perhaps for this reason, or perhaps for some other reason, BaRReL and Foyle decided to close off the CSVs for all material posted to the site through December 31, 1999, and start new CSVs for material posted to the site beginning January 1, 2000. Thus, all series listed as "Pre-2000" or "20th Century" are cumulative through December 31, 1999. After this, all series (unless otherwise noted) are for material posted to the site during the calender year (January 1 through December 31) of the series.

Also, prior to 2000, the bulk of the content on the site was the portfolios of the Playboy Playmate Centerfolds. Beginning in 2000, CyberClub began posting many more themes, particularly in the Historic Playboy section, where they would post multiple themes from a single past issue all at once. (By the way, "Themes" refers to any sets of images that are not part of the playmate portfolios.) The total of all themes prior to 2000 (based on BaRReL's CSV) is 5270 pics in 336 megabytes. The new Themes in 2000 (in LidVolf's CSV) total 7043 images in 696 megabytes. In 2001 the new material was 7975 images in 1003 megabytes.

German CyberClub (ccde):     back to Index
This site is in the German language. I am told the subscription part of ccde opened in September 2001. There are two different CSVs for ccde - one is continuing (does not close), from Chris_ccde, and the other, which closes at the end of each year, is from CTP. Both CSVs officially first appeared in February 2002. (CTP's CSV for 2001 was released in February 2002, for 2002 was first released in early March 2002.)

Romanian CyberClub (ccro):     back to Index
This site is in the Romanian language. The first ccro CSVs appeared in June 2002, from CTP. At the time of this writing, this is the only CSV, and it is rather small (not much on the site so far - we shall have to wait to see what happens with this one).

From a "reliable source":
Contents are Romanian celebs and original U.S. PB/CC material (resized), also material from the U.S. Magazine that has not been online before, which makes the site quite interesting.
Korean CyberClub:     back to Index
This site is in the Korean language. There is currently no series CSV for this site.
From PEI, in response to someone's inquiry (August 2002):
Aside from the American sites ( and, we have a German ( and Korean Playboy ( website. The Korean Cyber Club just introduced it's first Korean Cyber Girl a couple days ago. However by the end of this year we will probably have 3 more International Sites.
Now you know as much as I do. Can any of you read Korean?

CSV Series Authors     back to Index

McBluna     back to Index
From what I am told, the first CyberClub CSVs were done by McBluna and Foyle. McBluna's CSVs were used in IRC and Foyle's in newsgroups. McBluna retired from making CyberClub CSVs before the "pre-2000" series became final, so it is likely that his CC CSVs are no longer used. When he stopped, many of those who were using his CSVs switched to Foyle's.

Foyle     back to Index
The first CSVs I came across were made by Foyle. I have been told that his CSVs were primarily used in the newsgroups. He focused on the portfolios only, and made only a few CSVs for certain "Themes". His last finished CSV was issued in January 2000, for material published on the CyberClub site through December 31, 1999. He continued making CSVs into the year 2000, for material posted to the site after December 31, 1999. Foyle retired in 2000, and the CSV for 2000 was continued by LidVolf. (LidVolf made efforts to ensure his CSVs for the Portfolios matched Foyle's in both style and philosophy.) Foyle attempted to track all changes to the Portfolios as well (the CyberClub folks seemed to make a lot of changes to the material on the site, sometimes as a correction, such as fixing a bad pic, though sometimes for no apparent reason). For a discussion of the changes, see the document with Foyle's "Extras" series.

BaRReL     back to Index
The first Themes CSVs I came across were made by BaRReL, who made CyberClub CSVs for the SnF (Scans'N'Fun) channel on DalNet IRC. His CSVs were primarily used in IRC. These CSVs included both Portfolios and Themes. Unlike Foyle, BaRReL did not attempt to track changes to the material on the site. As a result, the CSVs did not change, but they also did not match what was currently available on the site. BaRReL retired from doing the CSVs, and another person took over, but that did not last. The last CSV issued in this series was at the beginning of 2001, for all material posted to the site as of December 31, 2000.

BaRReL had a website where his CSVs were posted (at, providing a source for CyberClub CSVs to those who did not frequent IRC or newsgroups. The site was very comprehensive and very well done. Included were both individual and combined CSVs, for the different themes and parts of the portfolios, and an updates page listed all of the additions in each new CSV.

LidVolf     back to Index
The earliest CyberClub CSVs by LidVolf were for Themes in 1998 and 1999. As far as I know these CSVs were not comprehensive for the Themes material on the site at the end of 1999. In 2000 he made CSVs for Themes to compliment Foyle's Portfolio CSV, and when Foyle retired he added a Portfolio CSV and an "All" CSV as well. His CSVs, combined with Foyle's for pre-2000 Portfolio content, now contain all of the Portfolio images on the CyberClub site (the Themes may not include all of the pre-2000 images). LidVolf also began making CSVs for the multimedia content (videos) in 2000. At the time of this writing, LidVolf still produces CSVs for the Portfolios, Themes and Multimedia content posted to the CyberClub site, and has no immediate plans to retire.

Please Note
LidVolf makes three CSVs: for Portfolios, Themes, and "All". The "All" CSV includes everything from the other two. Thus, when an "All" CSV is available, the seperate CSVs may not be listed.
Archie     back to Index
Archie's CSVs cover the Portfolios only. They are cumulative, and do not close. As a result, the Large Portraits series are very large, and are not designed to be burned to CD, but are very nice for people who keep all of the content on active hard drives. Since CyberClub has often added to the existing portfolios, even for Playmates from the 1950s, keeping them all on hard drive means keeping them all together - a definite plus.

I know only a little about Archie's CSVs, since I have never actually used them. As of the time of this writing, his CSVs are current. Archie assisted in determining the "Extras" at the close of the pre-2000 and 2000 series, and his CSVs are well-established and mature in style, as well as fairly complete in coverage of the Portfolio material on the CyberClub site. I am told that his CSVs are widely used in newsgroups. It is quite possible that a number of people who had been using Foyle's Portfolio CSVs did not like that they closed at the end of 1999, with Archie's CSVs stepping in to continue in the previous manner. (Since the Themes are issued in full sets, and so far, aside from a few "extras", have never been added to once posted, it makes more sense to close the Themes CSVs at the end of the year, though I would perhaps be more inclined to close after filling a CD.)

One thing to note: Archie's "complete" series CSVs includes the renamed Chippy Datasheets, which are not found on the CyberClub site. (See below for more info on Chippy's series.)

The style of Archie's CSVs appears to be very similar to Foyle's, LidVolf's and BaRReL's. The filenames are the same, or nearly the same. The "Complete" CSVs include comments about "Extras" and when new images were added to the Portfolios. There are different versions with a different folder structure in each. A recent set of CSVs is listed here as an example. The listings are a sample taken from the different CSVs - note the difference in folder paths.

Archie_Complete_19242.csv (folders by type)
195312_Cover.jpg,33907,45bfe94f,\Covers\,Cover - Marilyn Monroe
195312_Marilyn_Monroe_00.jpg,33473,e33c4d72,\L-Heads\,Marilyn Monroe
195312_Marilyn_Monroe_CF.jpg,63626,84ee2dbe,\BCFs\,Marilyn Monroe (See PCC-2000_Extras)
195312_Marilyn_Monroe_02.jpg,83672,8caa7039,\1950s\,Marilyn Monroe
195312_Marilyn_Monroe_CF_AltSize.jpg,63285,a2d8052e,\Extras\,Marilyn Monroe

Archie_Complete_Decade_19037.csv (folders by decade)
195312_Cover.jpg,33907,45bfe94f,\1950s\,Cover - Marilyn Monroe
195312_Marilyn_Monroe_00.jpg,33473,e33c4d72,\1950s\,Marilyn Monroe
195312_Marilyn_Monroe_02.jpg,83672,8caa7039,\1950s\,Marilyn Monroe
195312_Marilyn_Monroe_CF.jpg,63626,84ee2dbe,\1950s\,Marilyn Monroe (See PCC-2000_Extras)
195312_Marilyn_Monroe_CF_AltSize.jpg,63285,a2d8052e,\Extras\,Marilyn Monroe

Archie_Complete_Extended_19037.csv (folders by decade + year)
195312_Cover.jpg,33907,45bfe94f,\1950s\1953\,Cover - Marilyn Monroe
195312_Marilyn_Monroe_00.jpg,33473,e33c4d72,\1950s\1953\,Marilyn Monroe
195312_Marilyn_Monroe_02.jpg,83672,8caa7039,\1950s\1953\,Marilyn Monroe
195312_Marilyn_Monroe_CF.jpg,63626,84ee2dbe,\1950s\1953\,Marilyn Monroe (See PCC-2000_Extras)
195312_Marilyn_Monroe_CF_AltSize.jpg,63285,a2d8052e,\Extras\,Marilyn Monroe

195312_Cover.jpg,33907,45bfe94f,Cover - Marilyn Monroe

195312_Marilyn_Monroe_00.jpg,33473,e33c4d72,Marilyn Monroe

195312_Marilyn_Monroe_02.jpg,83672,8caa7039,Marilyn Monroe
These CSVs share the same structure:

Archie_L-Port_Complete_Decade_16363.csv (folders by decade)
195312_Marilyn_Monroe_02.jpg,83672,8caa7039,\1950s\,Marilyn Monroe

Archie_L-Port_Complete_Extended_16363.csv (folders by decade + year)
195312_Marilyn_Monroe_02.jpg,83672,8caa7039,\1950s\1953\,Marilyn Monroe

195312_Marilyn_Monroe_CF.jpg,63626,84ee2dbe,Marilyn Monroe (See PCC-2000_Extras)

195312_Marilyn_Monroe_CF_AltSize.jpg,63285,a2d8052e,Marilyn Monroe

While these images are included in both this single CSV and the combined CSVs, they do not exist on the CyberClub site itself. Please see the section on "Chippy" below for more information on this series.
By way of comparison, following are the corresponding sections from Foyle's and BaRReL's CSVs:

5312_Marilyn_Monroe_00,33473,E33C4D72,Marilyn Monroe
5312_Marilyn_Monroe_01,33851,0FD312D5,Marilyn Monroe
5312_Marilyn_Monroe_CF,63285,A2D8052E,Marilyn Monroe

CyberClub_Everything_15674.csv (BaRReL/SnF)
5312_Cover,33907,45BFE94F,\L-Cover\1950's\,December 1953
5312_Marilyn_Monroe_00,33473,E33C4D72,\L-Head\1950's\,Marilyn Monroe
5312_Marilyn_Monroe_01,33851,0FD312D5,\L-Port\1950's\,Marilyn Monroe
5312_Marilyn_Monroe_CF,63285,A2D8052E,\Big Centerfolds\1950's\,Marilyn Monroe
5312_Marylin_Monroe_DS,10807,1C29CE5B,\Datasheet Images\1950's\,Marilyn Monroe
CTP - CyberClub Themes Project     back to Index
Taking the opposite approach of Foyle, these CSVs do not include the Portfolio content, but are restricted to the Themes content. Additionally, they include many "header" and "intro" type images not included in LidVolf's CSVs. The group has even gone so far as to include another series of CSVs of the "fragmented" images and html files that make up the various "gallery" entry and such pages. As a result, they may be considered to be the most thorough, though many folks will dispute the value in including these "other" images. Although CTP began their "All Themes" CSVs in 2001, they have gone back to the earlier content and created CSVs for the pre-2000 and 2000 material also. (These CSVs are designed to correspond to those issued by BaRReL and Lidvolf in scope, if not content.)

CTP also issues CSVs for series that are not found directly on the CyberClub website, but are derived from it. These include Cyber Girl Flash Pix images (which are medium-sized conversions from the LivePicture images), and "descript.ion" files.
A few words about the "descript.ion" files:
Description files are a service using a feature of ACDSee and perhaps other image viewers to read a description (the comments) for the image while viewing it, by clicking on a text button of the viewer.

The content of a description file is the same as the comments column of an individual CSV. Description files are issued for all indidual CSVs that contain comments (for ongoing themes they will be created at the end of the year, when the theme closes).
What's In A Name? - one collector's philosophy     back to Index
If you want to get picky, there are probably as many opinions about the best way to do the CSV as there are people using the ones that are currently available. Some purists would probably say the best CSV series would mirror the CyberClub site exactly, including every html page, every graphic, everything. But there are probably just not enough people wanting this much detail to make this a worthwhile effort. Some would still say that the files included in the CSV should still follow the site structure, in both filename and folder location. But the simple fact of the matter is that without the html pages as a front-end for navigation, it becomes too hard to find the images you are looking for.

My greatest personal interest is in the Playmates themselves, so I would first take care of that part of the site, then address the rest of it. I would organize the Portfolios by decade, then by Playmate name, prefixed by the year and month (as in "\1950s\195312 Marilyn Monroe"). Each "decade" folder would thus have no more than 120 sub-folders, and each of those sub-folders would contain all of the images for that Playmate. Of course, some folders would be a little tricky, such as Janet Pilgrim's, since she was a Playmate 3 times.

I would be tempted to also sort the Themes pics of Playmates to the Playmates' folders, but that would make the Themes themselves too difficult to track, so I would end up leaving them in a structure similar to that of the other series. I would keep the Themes as a seperate series from the Portfolios, and would close them as the CD became full. Not sure how I would handle the Daily Doubles though....

Finished CSV Series: CyberClub 20th Century (through December 31, 1999)     back to Index

Foyle:     back to Index
LidVolf:     back to Index
BaRReL (SnF):     back to Index
There were individual CSVs issued for each of the Themes, plus CSVs for the Portfolio content split into BCF (Big Centerfold), LCover (Large Cover), LHead (Large Headshot), LPort (Large Portrait) and DS (Datasheet). (The site includes the images in small/thumbnail, medium and large sizes - it is assumed that those tracking the site would only be interested in the largest size of each image.) These individual CSVs were eventually merged into a single "combined" ECSV, that organized the material based on the structure of the site, similar to the 1999 CSV by LidVolf.
Converting between BaRReL and Foyle CSVs (Portfolios only):     back to Index
So what is the difference between Foyle & BaRReL (for pre-2000 Portfolios)? Well, remember that Foyle's Extras are files that were removed or replaced, so if you have BaRReL's then you are only missing the files that were added or replaced since the original post. These add up to 84 files, including LCovers, LPorts and BCFs. Also, converting from BaRReL's to Foyle's will move a number of files from the main series to the "Extras" series.

CTP - CyberClub Themes Project     back to Index
These CSVs were produced in 2001. As far as I know, they are designed to match BaRReL & LidVolf's CSVs, as far as what file sets are included. Other than the inclusion of header and other such images, I have not checked what is different between the CTP and SnF or LidVolf CSVs. In addition to the CSVs listed below there are a few "individual" CSVs (for a few of the Themes).
Finished CSV Series: CyberClub 2000 (January 1 through December 31, 2000)     back to Index

Since Foyle did not complete the year, his CSVs for 2000 are not included here.

BaRReL (SnF):     back to Index
LidVolf:     back to Index
During 2000, LidVolf was making CSVs for the Themes only, then began making Portfolio CSVs to match Foyle's when Foyle was getting ready to retire. LidVolf made "parallel" CSVs for a while, and compared his to Foyle's to check the accuracy of his naming and structure. By the time Foyle retired, LidVolf's Portfolio CSV for 2000 was identical to Foyle's. (The last Foyle CSV I have is dated August 30, 2000.)

  • LidVolf_PCC-2000_3862_Finished.csv
  • LidVolf_PCC-2000_Extras_40_Finished.csv
  • LidVolf_PCC_Themes-2000_7455.csv
  • LidVolf_PCC_Themes-2000_Extras_396_Finished.csv
  • LidVolf_PCC_All-2000-CD1_6706_Finished.csv    [640.59mb]
  • LidVolf_PCC_All-2000-CD2_4611_Finished.csv    [480.51mb]
  • LidVolf_PCC_All-2000_11317_Finished.csv
    The first two are simply a split of the third. Note that there is no "All" CSV for the Extras.

  • Archie_PCC-2000_Extras.doc     back to Index
    Since Archie had already done such a nice job describing the Extras, LidVolf included this file with his Extras CSV.
  • CTP - CyberClub Themes Project     back to Index
    In addition to the CSVs listed below there are some "individual" CSVs (for some of the Themes).
    Finished CSV Series: CyberClub 2001 (January 1 through December 31, 2001)     back to Index

    LidVolf:     back to Index
    CTP - CyberClub Themes Project     back to Index
    In addition to the CSVs listed below there are "individual" CSVs for the themes. (I have not checked them against the "complete" CSV.)
    CCDE - German CyberClub:     back to Index
    In July 2002, two images from the original CSVs were replaced, and a third was renamed. The two replaced images were originally included at the medium size because the large size was unavailable. A zip of the fix was distributed that included a note explaining the change ( Please note that the CSVs are the same name and same count. The file sizes, though, are different, so the size (in bytes) of the old and new versions are included below for version verification purposes.

    Ongoing CSV Series: CyberClub 2002 and beyond     back to Index

    LidVolf     back to Index
    LidVolf continues his series into 2002 with the three CSVs for Portfolios, Themes, and All. Also, in 2002 LidVolf began including the "Extras" as a folder in the "All" series - as a result there is no longer an "Extras" series. The naming of the CSVs follows the same format as the 2001 CSVs.

    Peabody     back to Index
    In 2002, at a point in time when LidVolf was not updating his CSV as frequently, Mark_T (Peabody), at the urging of Slik, made a CSV roughly corresponding to what LidVolf's would have been were it up to date. There were differences - Peabody included the medium-size Behind The Scenes images that were at that time left out of LidVolf's (CC had dropped the large-size, so LidVolf stopped including them), and at that time LidVOlf's CSV did not include the Playboy TV images. There were also some "Model of the Year" images included in Peabody's that are not in LidVolf's (see Special Editions\Model of the Year). Some of the sets have different naming between the two CSVs, since the names were derived independently. Peabody also began the practice of including the "Extras" series as a folder in the main series.

    CTP - CyberClub Themes Project     back to Index
    The CTP CSVs also continue into 2002, following the same CSV naming format as 2001. Also, a new series was added for additions to prior series. Prior additions were targeted to specific series (such as "2000 additions in 2001"), while the new one is simply cc_pre2002_Themes_Additions_in_2002_(CTP)_xx.csv.

    Other CSV Series     back to Index

    Multimedia     back to Index
    LidVolf's Multimedia series began as "LidVolf_PCC-2000_Multimedia_999.csv" - it was originally intended to close with each year. This, obviously, was changed when it became apparent that there would be a lot of videos coming.

    The series includes most video files available on the CyberClub site, and perhaps a few that were available at one time or another on the (free) site. Files were added to the currently-ongoing series until it was enough to fill a CD, at which time the series was closed and a new series was started. As you may surmise from the partial list below, he began with 650mb CDs, and changed to using 700mb CDs with CD06. At the time of this writing, the current series is CD19.

    It should be noted that these are files directly available on the CC site - they are not captures or conversions, and do not include streaming videos. The number of files on a single CD is determined by the size of the video. Some "sets" of videos may be swapped between adjoining CSVs to avoid splitting a set of videos across 2 CDs.
    Rouze     back to Index
    In the 2000 series are a large number of images from, a site bagan by Playboy as a spin-off of CyberClub. Some of the material was available from the CyberClub site, and thus was included in the CyberClub series above. The series below include these images, plus others available from only.

    From a newsgroups discussion: is a spin-off of PCC (of sorts) but some was available on PCC, that's why it's in the CTP CSVs. was a site separate from the CC. As I've been told (no personal experience), there was some commonality as to models on both sites. Eventually, all of was absorbed into CC when the rouze effort died and the site disappeared. No recent updates.
    Extras     back to Index
    There are many "Extras" series. Those that come from the same sources as the "main" series have been listed above, with the "main" series. The series listed here are from various sources, some known, some unknown. They sometimes overlap with one or more "main" series or each other. There are probably other "Extras" series that are not listed here - perhaps one day I will find them.
    Please note - because there is still so much to be done with this section, I have elected to leave it for the next edition

    Other Related (Derived) CSV Series     back to Index

    The series below do not exist directly on the CyberClub site as listed in the CSVs. Instead, these series are derived from the material on the site. In the case of azASAP's index series, they are created from thumbnails of the images from the CC site. Chippy's Datasheets include a partial image of the playmate and the personal data from the Playmate Datasheet that the playmate fills out (and is printed on the back side of the centerfold). The LivePicture series are file conversions (see below for more details).

    azASAP's Index Series     back to Index
    These index series bring together smaller-sized versions of the images with the names given in the "main" series CSVs. The pre-2000 series are based on Foyle's CSVs. The 2000 series is based on LidVolf's CSV, except as noted by azASAP (see below). The 2001 and later series are based on LidVolf's CSVs.
    Before 2000, his index series covered the portfolio images by image type, rather than by playmate. So there is a single series for all Large Covers, one for Large Headshots, one for Big Centerfolds, and one for Large Portraits. The LPort index still kept the images seperate for each playmate. The 20th Century series are:
    2000 (Portfolios and Themes):
    Beginning in 2000, the LCover, LHead and BCF were indexed in a single image, which became index #00 for that playmate. The LPorts began with index #01 as before. Also beginning in 2000, azASAP stopped indexing the Themes. Quite understandable, as in 2000 there were quite a lot of them.

    Also, in 2000, there were some changes to the numbering in 4 sets of LPorts that were changed in LidVolf's series different from how azASAP felt they should be. As a result, he issued a CSV that matched his numbering.

    From azASAP:
    PCC2000x_Finished_720.csv (based on azASAP_PCC-2000_3862_Finished.csv)
    This csv is made on basis of LidVolf's csv (thanks for hard job Lid!), covers exactly same pics and has slight difference in numbering of four sets:

    2000 Portfolios:
  • PCC2000x_Finished_720.csv
    This index series matches azASAP_PCC-2000_3862_Finished.csv (see above).
  • PCC2000x_Dropped_42.csv
    These are index pics that were redone and replaced. The new ones appear in the regular series for 2000 (azASAP_PCC-2000_3862_Finished.csv).

    2000 Themes:
  • CCT2000x_Final_67.csv
    azASAP bravely began indexing the Themes in 2000, but decided to drop it. There were just too many Themes issued in 2000 compared to 1998 and 1999.

    2001 and Beyond (Portfolios only):
  • PCC2001x_Final_680.csv
  • PCC2002x_nnn.csv
  • etc.
    (This is the naming scheme for azASAP's continuing CSVs.)

    This CSV may be floating around - it was made by a collector (not by azASAP), and at best represents azASAP's cast-offs from pre-2000. The files are not available from azASAP, and the CSV should be discarded.
  • An Alternate Index Series     back to Index
    Chippy Datasheets     back to Index
    Chippy created images for each of the Playmate Centerfolds including her picture (usually showing little more than her head) and much of the information from the Playmate Data Sheet (on the back of the centerfold in the magazine). Also, the PMOY status was included, which usually resulted in the image for that playmate being re-done after the end of the year.

    Prior to 2000, there were CSVs with two different naming schemes. Since the index images include the names, this meant two different sets of indexes. In fact, I personally have four complete sets of index images, plus a few odds and ends that do not fit any of the CSVs I have. The entire set of images ever released (with a few exceptions) thus fall into one of three groups:
    There has never been a series CSV issued for any re-done images. They have been simply removed from the series they were in, replaced by the updated version. This has included at least two index images, for 2000 and 2001. (The index images are issued one per year, with thumbnail images of the 12 Datasheets for that year.)

    Pre-2000: 2000 and on: Other Chippy series:     back to Index
    "MHT" series     back to Index
    The .MHT files are created from Internet Explorer, and embed the graphics into the document. Thus, the single .MHT file brings together all of the components (.html, .jpg, .gif, etc.) of the original internet index page.

    Excerpts from a newsgroup discussion:
      Q: MHT Web Archives are source-code web page captures with embedded images,
         but not links.  True?  By this I mean they are not an image file, but
         actual web code.
      A: More or less correct, there is very little difference between what is
         available at PCC and what deebee produces (Top band and bottom links are
         about it).
         A few more comments. To just looks at the images in a theme is sometimes
         like trying to read a book with the first few chapters missing. Saving the
         theme intro in an MHT preserves the whole story. It is fun to see a new
         theme at PCC. (The plot doesn't have to be too deep.) Later, seeing the
         intro with the pics brings back some of the experience.
      Q: How do these differ from Fragmented Images, which also seem to be HTML
         pages with images, (although the images are not quite embedded, they are
         stored separately under \images)?  Is there a reason certain pages are MHTs
         and others are Fragmented?
      A: MHTs are not CTP productions, frags are representations of what CTP
         believes to be significant enough to warrant the effort to create them
         (less now that the MHTs are here).
         The Fragmented Images preserved all those little pieces that are not
         collectable (no fragments allowed -- rare exceptions). The HTML was to put
         the pieces in order. The MHT's do the same thing in a different way. In
         both, the fragz are there.

    From another collector:
    The MHTs were begun in 2002, and so deebee made them for 2000 and 2001 during 2002 as well. They are intended for navigating through the pictures, together with the fragmented images, to kind of recreate the site structure and look and feel.

    From deebee:
    There are currently 3 web archive csvs:
    - the 2002 csc is ongoing at 483 files [at the time of writing]
    - the 2001 csv is final at 256 files
    - the 2000 csv (just posted) is final at 115 files
    I currently have about 85 files which I will probably lump together into a pre2000 csv sometime soon. But this is still a work in progress. If you still have orphans after running the above three csvs through your collection, then you can safely delete them. Some of the mhts have been modified since I first started posting them, so orphans are definitely possible. Even I haven't kept copies of these, so delete away.
    Finished Series:
    Ongoing Series:
    LivePicture Series     back to Index
    Probably some time in early- to mid-2000, CyberClub introduced a new feature called LivePicture. These images took the playmate centerfold pictures (the "BCF" images) and made them "zoom-able" - you could zoom-in to view it very large indeed - as large as around 4000x8000 pixels for the full image. They vary in size - Marilyn Monroe's is only 3787x5041, Jean Jani's is 8615x4767 - but most are around 4000x8000 (or 8000x4000 for landscape CFs).

    The images use a browser plug-in. The source files are FlashPix files (.fpx), that are sent from a server in pieces as requested by the browser. (For more information about the technology, including instructions for downloading the complete image, see the FAQ in the CC_LivePix series, listed below.) Because the files are not directly downloaded as jpegs, or even as FlashPix, a direct CSV is not possible. The two series listed below are therefore actually file conversions - the FlashPix was downloaded, then a jpeg created using PhotoShop or some other program.

    In January 2001, CyberClub began posting selected images of the Cyber Girl of the Month in LivePicture format. For most of the CGoMs, six images were posted. These images were included in the CC_LivePix series beginning with CD3 (previously, they had been in a seperate "LivePix Extras" series).

    In May 2002, CyberClub began a move to replace LivePicture postings with ViewPort (refered to on the site as "CyberZoom"). Initially, a free sample image was posted. Some time after this, CC made an attempt to convert the existing LivePicture image postings to ViewPort, but this was apparently abandoned, and the original LivePicture postings were restored. In August 2002, the new monthly "LivePicture" postings were posted as ViewPort images. (For more information about the ViewPort technology, including instructions for saving the full image, see the ViewPort FAQ in the CC_LivePiX series, listed below.) The ViewPort images first appeared in the CC_LivePix series in CD4, in August 2002.

    CC_LivePix:     back to Index
    Currently on CD4, this series currently includes all images posted by CyberClub through the current date. The series began sometime in 2000, and was updated on a semi-regular basis until the early part of 2001. Around February or March 2001, the series kicked into high gear, and updates started growing in size, sometimes as many as 10 to 12 new images each week. Eventually, the series caught up to the site, and the updates become only the new posts.

    The first CGoM LivePix were released as "LivePix Extras" in February 2001. From January 2001, almost all CGoMs have from 4 to 6 LivePicture images posted, and these were added to the "LivePicture Extras" series, until partway through LivePix-CD3, at which time they were added to the LivePix series (and the CSV switched to ECSV).

    The jpegs (not counting ViewPort) in CC_LivePix are straight file-conversions - no color corrections, no re-sizing. They are saved at 9/12 compression. There are rumors of CSVs for the source FlashPix files, from which the jpegs are made. If available, these files would be considerably larger than the jpeg images.

    The ViewPort images first appear in CD4, shortly after the first "official" posting of ViewPort images by CyberClub (in August 2002).
    OldBull_LPCF:     back to Index
    OldBull actually has two series - OldBull_LPCF and OldBull_LPCFHQ. The HQ series are generally full-sized, the "regular" series is re-sized smaller. Also, both series are "touched-up" to improve the image quality. So far, the series only includes the centerfolds, not the CGoMs. It is unknown at this point whether the series will include the ViewPort images. (The images are released together, "regular" and HQ, so the counts for each series always match.)

    There are multiple CSVs for the series - a set of CSVs in batches of 100, plus an "all" CSV (one set each for "regular" and HQ).
    Tales from the Mansion     back to Index
    One of the features of the CyberClub site is the "Tales from the Mansion." This feature is a set of stories that have a few images on the page of text, of playmates or other models. Since the story itself is not included in the series of images, someone has taken the text of the stories and made .rtf (Rich Text Format) files, one for each story.
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    Legal Notice and Disclaimer:     back to Index
    Please note that all information contained herein is only a discussion of various CSV (Comma-Seperated Values) files that have been and are being passed around over the internet, which cover material on Playboy's free and paid sites. The CSVs are created to assist CyberClub members track their personal collections. This document is for informational purposes only, and is not intended as a tool to assist in the illegal distribution of copyrighted material. Do not ask me for copyrighted material, or for information on obtaining it.